Into The Mouth Of The Wolf

In Bocca Al Lupo. 2012.

'Postcards from a village you have never heard of'

Iacovantuono is a tiny settlement in the equally unheard of municipality of Spinete, located in the foothills of the Matese mountains in Abruzzo, Italy.
The population from estimate hovers at around 30 people.
Once a bustling , primarily self sufficient agricultural community, now, the residents are all averaging their 80's, and life if going on as it always has, 
albeit a little more difficult due to the limitations of health and age.
Time appears to have stood still, there is little or no machinery and all maintenance and care of the land is primarily still done by hand. 
The younger generations have all moved on to busier and more connected towns and cities and once the residents of this village pass away, 
it will most likely become just another abandoned rural village that time forgot.
The portraits and landscapes in this series give a small insight into a place that has been unaffected for better or for worse by modern times and
explores both the inherent simplicity and complexity of life where outside influences are minimal and life is about family, faith and hard work.